SaaS Access Auditing
Simple and Secure

Easily audit who has access to SaaS services you are using in your organization.

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Say hello to SaaS access auditing!

Keeping your organization secure is one of the most critical aspects of maintaining a healthy business. Yet, auditing who has access to the range of different SaaS services your organization is using is close to impossible. Baseline is here to take this burden away from you.

Auditing made simple.

With Baseline, you can get a complete overview of who has access to SaaS services your organization is using within a minute, max, we promise 🙌!

  • Service Auditing Per User

    When was the last time that you checked if 2FA has been enforced throughout all services you are using? Have you revoked those admin permissions you temporarily assigned to a colleague? Baseline answers all such questions in a super simple overview.

  • Recurring auditing

    Security & Compliance is a continuous process and not a one-time investment or event. This includes, reviewing access to SaaS services at a regular cadence. Baseline helps you to stay on top of your security & compliance requirements by regularly reminding you to audit SaaS service access.

  • Transparent pricing

    The baseline pricing model is simple and transparent. You pay per audited user, per month. No matter how many SaaS services the have access to. You can cancel any time and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Security First.

When building Baseline we thought about how we can keep your data 100% secure, all the time. Many SaaS services store customer data in shared databases, cloud storage buckets, or other places. Often unencrypted. We do things a little bit differently:

  • You don't need a Baseline account

    You don't need to create an account to use Baseline. Simply download the open-source Baseline Application and get started.

  • We don't store service access keys

    We don't store any of the access keys which are required to audit your SaaS services. Instead the access keys to Baseline your services are stored on your local disk. These access keys are fully encrypted and protected by a passphrase you choose.

  • Expanding list of supported services

    We continuously expand the list of supported services.

Transparency second.

Baseline helps you to raise the bar of your own security & compliance processes. We think that we need to show that we are holding us accountable to the same bar. This is what we do:

  • Open Source Application

    The Baseline Application is open source, Apache 2.0 Licensed. We do this so you can vet the source code yourself. So you can be sure that service keys are encrypted with your keys.

  • Data transparency

    Your data is your data. We commit that we will provide you with a full and transparent overview of what data we store and what external services we use.

  • No tracking and annoying emails

    Our goals is to build a long lasting, trusting relationship with you. We won't flood you with automated annoying emails. We are also not creating user profiles for tracking purpose. Instead, we appreciate any direct feedback on how you think we can improve Baseline to better match your needs.

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